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MX Tray 2.8m Flexi Seal Strip - Shower Tray Up-Stand Seal

MX Tray 2.8m Flexi Seal Strip - Shower Tray Up-Stand Seal

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MX Tray 2.8m Flexi Seal Strip - Shower Tray Up-Stand Seal

MX Trays Flxi Seal Creates a watertight seal between the tray and the wall.

This MX Flexiseal product is a professional waterproofing solution applied by hand to the wall facing sides of shower trays or baths prior to installation. The flexibility of the product makes it equally suitable for the new build, repair or renovation.

This MX Flexi Seal is for use in Bathrooms, Showers, Kitchens and other areas where a waterproof seal is essential.

MX Flexi Seal Strip Installation Instructions:

Before You Start:
Please note that although these instructions • are comprehensive we always recommend that a technically competent installer undertakes the installation.

Tools and Materials Required: (not supplied)
- Damp Cloth
- Scissors
- Small Roller (or another appropriate tool)
- Silicone sealant (or another suitable sealant)


1 Remove protective film from the edge of the tray to which the seal strip is to be attached but leave it over the base of the tray to protect the tray's surface during installation.

2 Wipe the surfaces clean where the strip will be attached first with a clean damp cloth allow to dry and then wipe with the IPA wipe supplied in the kit.

3 Determine the length of the strip required to seal around the shower tray and cut to length with scissors. (Ensure you cut at least 20mm longer than needed).

4 Peel back approximately 20cm of backing from the black adhesive strip.

5 Attach to the edge of the shower tray so that it is square and the edge protrudes at least 20mm above the edge of the tray.

6 Using a small roller or another appropriate tool roll the seal strip so that it attaches firmly to the edge of the tray removing any bubbles or creases paying particular attention to the corners.

7 Gradually remove the cover strip in sections and roll on the seal so it attaches firmly and square to the edge of the tray making sure there are no gaps between tray and seal strip. Trim off any excess strip.

8 Install the shower tray in the correct position and tile over the seal strip.

9 Put a protective bead of silicone or another suitable flexible sealant between the tray and the tile.

10 Finally, remove the remaining protective film over the rest of the shower tray.

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Product Details
Type Seal Kit
Length 2.8m

MX Tray 2.8m Flexi Seal Strip - Shower Tray Up-Stand Seal

MX Tray 2.8m Flexi Seal Strip - Shower Tray Up-Stand Seal
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