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Shower Enclosures & Doors

Rubberduck Bathrooms bring you a range of shower enclosures and doors with stylish and striking design features that come in a range of sizes and to suit any bathroom. From Quadrant Shower Enclosures to Pentangle Shower Enclosures, Rubberduck Bathrooms supply the right size/shape shower for you and your bathroom or en suite.

Rubberduck Bathrooms provide Shower Enclosures from a wide vary of different manufactures including Roman Showers, Lakes Showering Spaces, Aquadart, Kudos Showers, Merlyn Showers and many more, giving you a choice of Shower Enclosure fitting your style and price range.

Shower Enclosures & Doors

Shower Enclosures and Doors

Here at Rubberduck Bathrooms we offer a wide range of Shower Enclosures from leading brands such as Roman Showers, Haven Showers, Burlington Traditional Showers, Lake Bathrooms, Vassini, Insignia, Sommer and Lisna Waters.

If you're creating a bathroom from scratch or are replacing an existing unit, we have a shower enclosure, shower door or wetroom panel for you. The Shower Enclosures we have available include

Bi-Fold Shower Doors - Bi-fold shower doors are two part doors that folds in on itself (inward opening) to help minimise the space the door takes up and maximise you shower and bathroom space.

Corner Entry Shower Enclosures - Corner entry shower enclosures are shower enclosures allows entry from one of the corners. Corner entry shower enclosures usually comes with two sides that are split in half, one section as non-moveable panel and one section as a slide door so that entering the shower enclosure does not need any space outside out of it.

Hinged & Pivot Shower Doors - Hinged and pivot doors are offen classed as standard Shower Doors. Hinged shower doors and pivot shower doors can be fitted In-Line between two walls or with a single glass Side Panel or two side panels.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures - A Quadrant Shower is a shower enclosure that fits into corners of bathrooms or shower rooms and is designed with a curved side, usually the entry side of the shower. Quadrant shower enclosures come with either one door which allows entry from the side, or with two doors to allow entry in the middle of the curve.

Sliding Shower Doors - Sliding Shower Doors are shower doors that slides open and closed. Sliding shower doors can be installed between walls or with side panels simular to hinged or pivot shower doors. Sliding shower doors are often used in larger shower enclosures.

Walk In Shower Screens - Walk In Shower Enclosures usually exclude a door and allow you to walk in the shower. This is often referred to as the "wetroom look". Walk In Shower Enclosures are available with a door, deflector panel, flipper panel or flapper panel.

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