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Towel Bars & Rails

Towel Bars and towel rails are also known as bathroom towel holders. These bathroom accessories are handy accessories for holding towels in a easy accessible location. Towel bars are often fitted next to basins, near showers or baths and over radiators to help dry and keep towels warm. Towel bars and rails are a must have bathroom accessories for any house hold.

Towel Bars & Rails

Vitra Minimax Towel Rail Chrome

Price 58.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 46.20 inc. VAT
You Save 11.80 20%

Vitra Minimax Double Towel Rail 44794

Price 84.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 67.20 inc. VAT
You Save 16.80 20%

Vitra Llia Towel Rail 44392

Price 80.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 55.80 inc. VAT
You Save 24.20 30%

Vitra Q Line Towel Rail 44995

Price 60.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 48.00 inc. VAT
You Save 12.00 20%

Roper Rhodes Freestanding Towel Stand 745(W) x 710(H) x 270mm(D)

Price 100.50 inc. VAT
Our Price 80.40 inc. VAT
You Save 20.10 20%

Roper Rhodes Media Towel Rail (Short) 370(w) x 24(h) x 61mm(d)

Price 66.10 inc. VAT
Our Price 52.87 inc. VAT
You Save 13.23 20%

Roper Rhodes Media Towel Rail 670(w) x 24(h) x 61mm(d)

Price 78.10 inc. VAT
Our Price 62.41 inc. VAT
You Save 15.69 20%

Roper Rhodes Horizon Towel Rail 645(w) x 30(h) x 60mm(d)

Price 92.20 inc. VAT
Our Price 73.75 inc. VAT
You Save 18.45 20%

Roper Rhodes Glide Towel Rail 625(w) x 45(h) x 65mm(d)

Price 87.60 inc. VAT
Our Price 70.06 inc. VAT
You Save 17.54 20%

Roper Rhodes Arena Towel Rail 505(w) x 354(h) x 655mm(d)

Price 87.40 inc. VAT
Our Price 69.91 inc. VAT
You Save 17.49 20%

Roper Rhodes Pace Towel Rail 653(w) x 53(h) x 75mm(d)

Price 93.19 inc. VAT
Our Price 74.56 inc. VAT
You Save 18.63 20%

Roper Rhodes Venue Towel Rail 644(w) x 44(h) x 64mm(d)

Price 93.19 inc. VAT
Our Price 74.56 inc. VAT
You Save 18.63 20%

Vessini X Series Wetroom Glass Double Robe Hook

Price 20.99 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5
JTY375 Twin Head Shower

SAVE 150.00 - Twin Head Shower

Twin Head Concealed

SAVE 176 - Dual Head Concealed Shower

Single Head Concealed Shower

SAVE 133 - Single Concealed Shower

Bar Mixer Shower

SAVE 45.59 - Bar Mixer Shower

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