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Replacement Shower Seals

Replacement shower seals to suit a range of bath shower screens, shower enclosures and doors.

Replacment shower seals come in stright lengths but can be warmed and curved to fit curved glass screens. Our range of replacement shower door seals can be cut to size and are suitable for 4mm to 10mm thick glass. For the best seal measure your current seal and choose the closest match to your seal as possible.

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Replacement Shower Seals

Croydex Replacement Bath Shower Screen Seal Kit - AM160332

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Replacement Shower Seals

Replacement Shower Seals

The Replacement Shower Seals is available from Rubberduck Bathrooms. We can supply any Shower Screen Seal you are likely to need to fit 3mm to 12mm glass, Bifold Door Seals, Channel Seals, Magnetic Seals, Fin Seals, for bath shower and bath screens as well as Shower Door Rollers and other Bath / Shower Accessories.

Selecting the right shower seal

Selecting the correct replacement seal for your shower enclosure or shower screen is important. If you follow our five steps of replacing a shower seal you should find the seal you need.

Measure Glass Thickness

The most common shower door glass thickness in the UK is 6mm however there are also 4mm, 10mm or even 12mm so it is important to measure the thickness.

Measure the Length or Height of the glass.

It's important to measure the height or lenght of your shower screen to ensure you get the correct length seal. If you have a curved screen it can be a little bit trickier to measure. You can always order a longer seal and cut down to size, but your cant extend the length of a seal.

Measure the Gap

Measure the gap between the bottom of the glass and the top of the tray or bath, this will give you the size of the wiper/bubble seal you require.

Type of Seal

There are a few types of seals such as under door, back of door, front of door and magnetic seals. You can identify your seal visually by matching up the profile of the seal to the corresponding seal image.

Purchase your new seal

now that you have the height/lenght of the seal and the size of the ripper/bubble, and you have identified the type of seal, its time to find the seal with the same or similar measurements and shape as your seal.

What is the role of a shower seal?

Shower seals are there to deflect water and also help to absorb the impact that your door suffers with from the constant opening and closing.

When should I replace my shower seal?

As a rule of thumb we recommend replacing your shower seals every two years or when they show signs of wear and tear for the best performance.

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