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Replacement Seals

Replacement seals to suit a range of shower bath screens. Replacment shower seals come in stright lengths but can be warmed and curved to fit curved glass screens. Our range of replacement shower door seals can be cut to size and are suitable for 4mm to 10mm thick glass. For the best seal measure your current seal and choose the closest match to your seal as possible.

Replacement Seals

Croydex Replacement Bath Shower Screen Seal Kit - AM160332

Price 15.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 10.50 inc. VAT
You Save 4.50 30%
Average Rating: 5

Croydex Bath Shower Screen Seal Kit Max - AM160432

Price 26.78 inc. VAT
Our Price 12.05 inc. VAT
You Save 14.73 55%
Average Rating: 5

Croydex Universal Shower Door Seal Kit - AM160532

Price 24.31 inc. VAT
Our Price 12.77 inc. VAT
You Save 11.54 47%
Average Rating: 5
Replacement Seals

Replacement Shower Seals

The Replacement Shower Seals is available from Rubberduck Bathrooms.

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