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Tap Holes


Taps, also known as brassware, are and will always be one of the most prominent features in any bathroom or kitchen mainly because they are the item in the bathroom or kitchen you tend to interact with on a daily basis. By simply updating the taps in your kitchen or bathroom you can make a big impact and transform the look of your room for very little expense. The type of bathroom or kitchen tap you go for should generally be dictated by the overall style of your room and the basin or sink it is attached to, however, sometimes there are other factors to take into account too - such as the available water pressure. 

At Rubberduck Bathrooms we offer a wide range of Bathroom Taps, Kitchen Taps, Commercial Taps and waste and traps to suit all styles and budgets.


Sagittarius Eclipse Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap with Sprung Waste

Price 85.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 69.50 inc. VAT
You Save 15.50 18%

Sagittarius Eclipse Bath Filler Tap

Price 161.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 111.50 inc. VAT
You Save 49.50 31%

Sagittarius Eclipse 4 Hole Bath Filler Tap

Price 362.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 222.76 inc. VAT
You Save 139.24 38%

Sagittarius Eclipse Bath Shower Mixer Tap with No1 Kit

Price 182.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 123.25 inc. VAT
You Save 58.75 32%

Sagittarius Eclipse 3 Hole Bath Filler Tap

Price 288.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 181.75 inc. VAT
You Save 106.25 37%

Sagittarius Eclipse 3 Hole Basin Mixer Tap with Sprung Waste

Price 268.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 170.75 inc. VAT
You Save 97.25 36%

Clearwater Click Clack Bath Waste Including Overflow CW8

Price 59.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 46.98 inc. VAT
You Save 12.02 20%

Abacus Exafill S Bath Filler and Pop Up Waste TBHG-58113000

Price 255.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 186.98 inc. VAT
You Save 68.02 27%

Abacus Flexaplus S Pop Up Waste and Overflow - TBHG-58150000

Price 172.80 inc. VAT
Our Price 137.50 inc. VAT
You Save 35.30 20%

ASP Easy Clean Bath Waste - 10922L - Sprung/Clicker - Alliance

Price 42.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 19.69 inc. VAT
You Save 22.31 53%

Easyclean Sprung Plug Bath Waste - Brushed Brass - Nuie

Price 42.30 inc. VAT
Our Price 25.00 inc. VAT
You Save 17.30 41%

Matt Black Easyclean Sprung Plug Bath Waste - Nuie

Price 47.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 28.20 inc. VAT
You Save 18.80 40%

Bathroom, W/C, Bath and Basin Taps

Fitting new taps and mixers to your existing bathroom is an easy way to transform and improve the look of your bathroom or WC at a very affordable cost. Taps are often referred to as Brassware.

Bath & shower mixers give your bathroom a greater sense of style, bathroom designers consider that bathroom taps and brassware should not just be functional but should look artistic as well adding to the style of the bathroom. The look and design features of modern taps and mixers for bathroom use have progressed from the days of having washers fitted which needed changing frequently, to modern ceramic discs and laser taps as an example, not only making them virtually maintenance free but truly stunning in the finished look.

Tap accessories, wastes and traps also add to the level of sophistication and design in your bathroom or WC giving it that unique "designer" look.

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