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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are man made from natural materials. Ceramic tiles are the perfect choice when looking to create a surface that looks stylish, is easy to maintain  and is hard wearing enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Perfect all over the house, whether this is for the bathroom or kitchen , our collection of ceramic tiles offers you a  large range of colours, finishes and sizes to choose from.

Ceramic tiles are durable and hard wearing, making them suitable for covering surfaces such, walls, table tops, bathroom showers, and other objects.There are many different styles including natural and glazed looks.


Ceramic Tiles

JTY375 Twin Head Shower

SAVE 150.00 - Twin Head Shower

Twin Head Concealed

SAVE 176 - Dual Head Concealed Shower

Single Head Concealed Shower

SAVE 133 - Single Concealed Shower

Bar Mixer Shower

SAVE 45.59 - Bar Mixer Shower

Ceramic Tiles

Often lauded for its durability and variety, ceramic tiles are a very  popular choice for bathroom finishes. If you're looking for different colours and textures, this material can deliver, however  the sheer variety of ceramic tiles is endless.  

Because ceramic tends to cost less than porcelain and is much lighter, it's often used for wall and ceiling installations and gives a great quality finish that will last due to the durability qualities of Ceramic tiles.

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