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Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are the latest tread. Rimless toilets have become possible due to new manufacture techniques and cistern technology. A rimless toilet makes cleaning you toilet significantly easier and a improvement in hygiene. There is nothing except a smooth bowl that sparkles after every flush. Most rimless toilets use a direct flush technique that shoots water around the basin of the toilet rather than have the water be redistributed in the manner of a traditional rimmed toilet. This direct flush washes the entire rimless toilet pan more efficiently. Rimless toilets are available as Closed Coupled Rimless Toilets, Back To Wall Rimless Toilet For bathroom furniture, wall hung rimless toilets and raised height comfort height rimless toilets. We even offer traditionally styled toilets with modern rimless technology.

Rimless Toilets

VitrA V-Care Essential Rimless Smart Bidet Shower Toilet

Price 1,439.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 1,145.00 inc. VAT
You Save 294.00 20%

Tilia Rimless Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet inc Soft Close Seat

Price 415.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 290.40 inc. VAT
You Save 124.60 30%

Tilia Rimless Back To Wall Toilet Pan inc Soft Close Seat

Price 280.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 224.00 inc. VAT
You Save 56.00 20%

Tilia Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Pan inc Soft Close Seat

Price 290.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 217.20 inc. VAT
You Save 72.80 25%
Rimless Toilets

Rimless Toilets

From the outside, a rimless toilet looks just like any toilet you’ve ever seen, but open the lid and peer inside and you’ll notice something different. It’s almost as though something is missing, and you’d be right - it is. By removing the rim, you not only creating a cleaner looking toilet in the artistic sense of the word, but a cleaner toilet in terms of hygiene as well.

Think about when you clean your toilet. Cleaning the outside of the pan is straightforward enough, but it’s when you get inside that it gets tricky. And why is it tricky? Because of that annoying rim at the top of the bowl where bacteria, limescale and grime build up. It’s always too small for you get any kind of sponge or brush in to wipe properly as well. Sure, you can use a toothbrush, but it never feels like you’re doing a particularly thorough job, and then you can’t even see the results of your labour once you’ve finished. Once you’ve done that, bleach is normally squirted in, but again you can’t really see what you’re doing and it feels more like you’re just papering over the cracks rather than properly cleaning.

Think about how much easier it would be to clean if there was no rim. You could simply wipe in one smooth motion. There would be no need for any brushes and you can see exactly where you’ve cleaned. There’s not really much more to say. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that it makes cleaning the toilet enjoyable, but it’s certainly much less dreaded and takes a significantly less amount of time.

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