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Chrome Body, Black Handle/Indices (1)Chrome Body, Black Handle/Indices
Chrome body/black indices (13)Chrome body/black indices
Chrome body/white indices (4)Chrome body/white indices
Chrome plated body/black lever (1)Chrome plated body/black lever
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1 Year for tap body, 1 year on moving parts (1)1 Year for tap body, 1 year on moving parts
10 Years (6)10 Years
10 Years for domestic installations (2)10 Years for domestic installations
10 Years on product body, 1 year on moving parts (1)10 Years on product body, 1 year on moving parts
10 years on the body and 1 year on the moving parts (2)10 years on the body and 1 year on the moving parts

Traditional Taps

For an effortlessly timeless look or the finishing touches to a perfect traditionally styled bathroom, look no further than Rubberduck Bathrooms' range of traditional basin taps, traditional bath filler taps, and more. Choose from well-known brands such as Arcade, Burlington, Francis Pegler, and Niagara.

Our range of traditional bathroom taps combines classical styling with 21st-century technologies such as ceramic cartridges, ensuring your new taps stand the test of time.

As always, you can enjoy free UK delivery on a wide range of products, with no minimum spend, and discounts off MSRP at Rubberduck Bathrooms.


Traditional Taps

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Short Nose Sequel Basin Pillar Taps

Price 94.61 inc. VAT
Our Price 55.98 inc. VAT
You Save 38.63 41%

Francis Pegler Sequel Long Nose Sequel Basin Pillar Taps

Price 97.20 inc. VAT
Our Price 69.98 inc. VAT
You Save 27.22 28%

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Bidet Mixer Tap

Price 198.29 inc. VAT
Our Price 119.99 inc. VAT
You Save 78.30 39%

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Bath Pillar Taps

Price 114.05 inc. VAT
Our Price 85.54 inc. VAT
You Save 28.51 25%

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Bath Filler Tap

Price 335.63 inc. VAT
Our Price 189.98 inc. VAT
You Save 145.65 43%

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap

Price 162.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 109.98 inc. VAT
You Save 52.02 32%

Francis Pegler Sequel Traditional Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Price 362.88 inc. VAT
Our Price 239.99 inc. VAT
You Save 122.89 34%
Traditional Taps

Traditional Taps

Maybe you're upgrading your current taps or installing a new bathroom, here we have a variety of Traditional taps for you. If you prefer taps that looks closer to something made in the 19th century than the 21st or you want a tap with a bit of old fashion class, these taps are for you.

Just because these taps are designed to look older doesn't mean you don't have modern quality build quality with all of these taps coming with a chrome finish or for those that want something a little different or traditional style, why not give the Burlington Taps range a browse. 

There are four types of Burlington tap heads - Claremont, Anglesey, Kensington and Birkenhead - and each type of tap is available in two different heights.

Some of these traditional taps come with a Manufacturer's Guarantee, for more information please see the individual product or product range page.

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