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Extractor Fans

Bathroom extractor fans and ventilation. Bathrooms typically have extractor fans to help control odors and humidity, damp and mold caused from steam. Bathrooms extractor fans or normally connected (wired) to an electrical source to extract steam and odors outside. Bathroom extractor fans can be either be wall or ceiling mounted depending on the situation. Many bathroom extractor fans are IPX4 rated which means they can be installed above a shower enclosure or bath safely.

Extractor Fans

Zehnder Adaptive Bathroom Wall Fan - Smart Timer

Price 128.54 inc. VAT
Our Price 103.00 inc. VAT
You Save 25.54 20%

Zehnder Adaptive Wall Fan with Humidistat & Smart Timer 100mm

Price 190.94 inc. VAT
Our Price 134.00 inc. VAT
You Save 56.94 30%

Airflow Icon 15 Eco Bathroom Extractor Fan White

Price 93.12 inc. VAT
Our Price 75.50 inc. VAT
You Save 17.62 19%
Average Rating: 5

Zehnder Silent 100mm Basic Bathroom Wall Extractor Fan

Price 86.11 inc. VAT
Our Price 69.00 inc. VAT
You Save 17.11 20%
Average Rating: 5

Airflow Icon 30 Extractor Fan White

Price 156.07 inc. VAT
Our Price 117.05 inc. VAT
You Save 39.02 25%
Average Rating: 5

Zehnder Silent 100mm Timer Bathroom Wall Extractor Fan

Price 102.34 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5

Airflow Icon eco15s Low Voltage Extactor Fan White

Price 197.26 inc. VAT
Our Price 138.07 inc. VAT
You Save 59.19 30%
Average Rating: 5

Zehnder Silent 100mm Humidistat Bathroom Wall Extractor Fan

Price 134.78 inc. VAT
Our Price 108.00 inc. VAT
You Save 26.78 20%
Average Rating: 5

Vectaire Elegance Continuous Low Energy Bathroom Extractor Fan

Price 181.10 inc. VAT
Our Price 144.88 inc. VAT
You Save 36.22 20%
Average Rating: 5

Airflow Icon Eco 30S Low Voltage Extractor Fan White

Price 212.44 inc. VAT
Our Price 148.70 inc. VAT
You Save 63.74 30%
Average Rating: 5

HIB Cyclone White Illuminated Ceiling Fan Warm White LED

Price 187.00 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5
Extractor Fans

What does a bathroom extractor fan do?

Bathroom extractor fan and ventilation fans help to remove the moisture or humidity in the air after a shower or bath caused by steam. This keeps mildew from forming in the bathroom. Bathroom extractor fans also help remove any unwanted odors.

Bathroom Extractor fans options. Many brand of extractor fans come with options or add-on modules to give additional features. Standard bathroom extractor fans offer a standard on/off option controlled by a separate switch, pull cord or by the light switch. Timed or overrun fans offer the option for the fan to continue to run for a set period of time after the on/off switch is put in the off position. Humidity controlled bathroom extractor fans switch on automatically when the room humidity reaches a set level. Other brands also offer a built in pull cort option to allow you to switch on the fan without the need for a switch elsewhere. 

Extractor Fan Information:
IPX4 (Suitable for above Showers)
10cm Suitable for toilets, bathrooms or shower rooms*
12cm: Suitable for Utility Rooms*
15cm: Suitable for Kitchens*
*Guide only; if a high level of extraction is required, or for large bathrooms, a larger model should be considered

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