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Shower Baskets

Our wide range of Shower Baskets and Shower Caddies come in a wide range of styles to suit any bathroom from wall-mounted soap dishes and shelves that can be screwed into walls to hanging baskets that can be placed over your shower and wet-room glass panels.

Bathrooms can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered with shampoos, shower gels and anything else you need for a relaxing bathing experience. Shower caddies can help by giving these items a home and increase the storage space of your bathroom easily and in a cost-effective manner.

Shower Baskets

Croydex Premium Slimline Shower Caddy - 80 x 250 x 120mm - Rust Free

Price 28.86 inc. VAT
Our Price 19.70 inc. VAT
You Save 9.16 32%

Croydex Premium Shower Caddy - 80 x 300 x 141mm - Rust Free

Price 34.63 inc. VAT
Our Price 24.82 inc. VAT
You Save 9.81 28%

Croydex Premium Two Tier Corner Shower Caddy - 250 x 210 x 155mm - Rust Free

Price 45.07 inc. VAT
Our Price 31.55 inc. VAT
You Save 13.52 30%

Croydex Premium Two Tier Shower Caddy - 250 x 180 x 105mm - Rust Free

Price 32.34 inc. VAT
Our Price 29.10 inc. VAT
You Save 3.24 10%

Croydex Easy Fit Shower Caddy - Rust Free - Clip On

Price 17.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 12.48 inc. VAT
You Save 4.52 27%

Croydex Premium Large Curved Shower Caddy - 250 x 140 x 125mm - Rust Free

Price 33.79 inc. VAT
Our Price 22.98 inc. VAT
You Save 10.81 32%

Croydex Premium Large Shower Caddy - 250 x 140 x 125mm - Rust Free

Price 33.79 inc. VAT
Our Price 25.49 inc. VAT
You Save 8.30 25%

Croydex Premium Stainless Steel Hook - Over Three Tier Caddy

Price 61.97 inc. VAT
Our Price 46.98 inc. VAT
You Save 14.99 25%

Croydex Stainless Steel Two Tier Shower Caddy - 315 x 250 x 125mm

Price 52.64 inc. VAT
Our Price 28.79 inc. VAT
You Save 23.85 45%
Shower Baskets

Shower Baskets

At Rubber Duck Bathrooms we offer a range of shower accessories, this includes top sellers, such as the popular Roman Shower Baskets, replacement wastes, blades for cleaning shower enclosures and seats for those that have any difficulties standing up but still wish to have showers.

Shower baskets are also known are shower soap baskets or shower shampoo holders.


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