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Kitchen Taps

At Rubberduck Bathrooms, We offer a wide range of brassware not only for bathrooms but also for kitchens. Our range of kitchens taps includes pull out kitchen taps, chrome kitchen taps and stainless steel kitchen taps. We are sure we have a kitchen tap that will make your kitchen shine!

Kitchen Taps

Kuban Single Lever Monobloc Swivel Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome

Price 39.95 inc. VAT
Our Price 24.98 inc. VAT
You Save 14.97 37%

Eon Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap - Nuie

Price 81.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 49.50 inc. VAT
You Save 31.50 39%

Eon Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap - Nuie

Price 67.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 49.50 inc. VAT
You Save 17.50 26%

Merthyr Black & Rose Gold Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap - Tailored

Price 77.14 inc. VAT
Our Price 56.95 inc. VAT
You Save 20.19 26%

Imperial Twin Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome

Price 119.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 59.99 inc. VAT
You Save 59.01 50%

Elera Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome

Price 129.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 63.98 inc. VAT
You Save 65.02 50%

Two-Handle Monobloc Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - Nuie

Price 98.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 66.00 inc. VAT
You Save 32.00 33%

Fresco Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome - Signature Series

Price 101.40 inc. VAT
Our Price 72.00 inc. VAT
You Save 29.40 29%

Eon Mono Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer Tap - Nuie

Price 144.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 74.56 inc. VAT
You Save 69.44 48%
Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Taps. At RubberDuck Bathrooms we have a wide range of kitchen taps to suit your kitchen no matter what your taste, style or budget. Choose from the range of kichen taps we have to offer from the UK's leading manufacturers including Peglar kitchen taps and Brita Filter Taps.

Brita Filter Taps

Brita Filter Kitchen taps are 3 way taps that offer hot and cold water as a normal kitchen tap but also offer a filtered cold tap which supplied filtered and refreching brita filtered cold mains water stright from tap. Brita filter 3 ways kitchen taps are made by leading tap manufacturer Francis Pegler.

Under Sink Chillers

Under Sink Chillers offer instant chilled drinking water. Fitting a under sink chiller under your kitchen sink allows you to have instant chilled cold water stright from your kitchen tap.

Want to take you kitchen tap to the next level? Why not combine a Brita Filter Kitchen Taps by Francis Pegler with one of our Under sink chillers for instant chilled and filtered drinking water, stright from your kitchen tap. 

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