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Power Showers

Somewhere between a regular mixer shower and an electric shower lies power showers. Sometimes called pump showers they offer a great middle-ground for houses and buildings that have low water pressure. This type of shower has a built-in electrical pump to increase the flow rate by providing a stronger flow of water, which in turn makes the showering more invigorating and enjoyable. This increased flow of water gives the user a relaxing, massage type showering experience.

Power Showers

Mira Vigour Power Shower - Manual

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Mira Vigour Power Shower - Thermostatic

Price 327.04 inc. VAT
Our Price 229.00 inc. VAT
You Save 98.04 30%
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Power Showers

Need More Power In Your Shower?

Power Showers offer homes with low pressure or tank fed water system the option of a shower with some power/pressure. 

How do power showers work?

Power showers have a built-in pump which boosts the water pressure in building with low or not high enough water pressure for a good flow and the showerhead. Power Showers connect to CISTERN FED hot and cold supplies and can be thermostatically controlled. Power Showers deliver a mix of hot water from your hot water supply (Tank) and cold (from the mains) at a good pressure to a showerhead.

Power Showers should NOT be used in homes with a Combi Boiler!

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