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Compression Fit

Plumbing Compression fittings are used to connect two water pipes together without the use of glues or solder to create a watertight connection. Compression fittings are easy to use and only require minimul hand tools. Simply inserted the pipe into the comprssion fitting then the nut is tightened to press the compression ring (olive) into the seat, which in turn causes the seat to press against the pipe and compression nut creating a water tight seal. Compression fitting can be reused if a new compression right (olive) is used.

Twin Head Shower

SAVE 137.20 - Twin Head Shower

Twin Head Concealed

SAVE 176 - Dual Head Concealed Shower

Single Head Concealed Shower

SAVE 133 - Single Concealed Shower

Bar Mixer Shower

SAVE 45.59 - Bar Mixer Shower

Compression Fit

Compression fitting including compression elbows, adaptors, and back nuts in various sizes, dimensions, and styles as well as various compression accessories from top brands like Pegler Yorkshire.

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