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The MegaBoard PVC wall panel range is made from extra strong reinforced PVC and typically come in 2400 x 1000mm board dimensions. 

The finishes are taken from the smaller Neptune panel ranges and applied to a larger board size. This allows for increased wall coverage per panel, removes the need to have several joints along a single wall and helps with speed of installation too. MegaBoard bathroom wall boards come with a tongue and groove as standard allowing them to be joined together without trims over long stretches of wall.

Please Note: MegaBoard PVC Panels are suitable for indoor installations only. If left in direct sunlight, UV discolouration may occurr.



MegaBoard is a reinforced PVC wall board which are 1000mm wide x 2400mm tall. MegaBoard come with a tongue and groove as standard and are perfect for insides shower or round baths where the number of joins may become an issue. 

Neptune Mega Panel MegaBoard bathroom wall panels are 10mm think stong heavy duty PVC waterproof wall boards. Megaboard PVC Bathroom Wall Panels are 2400mm tall and 1000mm wide reinforced wall panels. Megapanels are also known are Neptune 1m wall boards.

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