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Showerwall Panels are the ultimate, easy-to-fit wall panel system with an MDF core that is resistant to moisture and has a watertight, smooth laminate backing.

Showerwall bathroom wall boards provides a hard-wearing and hygienic finish that is a cut above the rest. Showerwall is designed to stay beautiful and comes with a 15 year (10 year on acrylic) guarantee when installed following Showerwall's instructions. The non-porous surface protects against water ingress and bacteria, unlike traditional grout that can allow water to soak through and cause mould growth over time. Simply spray and wipe with your anti-bacterial cleaner of choice.

Showerwall is available as individual Showerwall panels/boards with trims and accessories sold separately allowing you to buy exactly what you need for your job, or are available as Showerwall kits which contain everything you need for the most popular bathroom and shower sizes.

Please be aware: It is always recommended to order samples prior to ordering your panels as some colour variations can look different when in natural light compared to when displayed on screen.


Showerwall Acrylic Panel Sealant 290ml - Wine

Price 23.94 inc. VAT
Our Price 19.15 inc. VAT
You Save 4.79 20%

Showerwall Acrylic Panel Sealant 290ml - Orchid

Price 23.94 inc. VAT
Our Price 19.15 inc. VAT
You Save 4.79 20%

Showerwall Acrylic Panel Sealant 290ml - Opal

Price 23.94 inc. VAT
Our Price 19.15 inc. VAT
You Save 4.79 20%

Showerwall boards are the ultimate easy to fit waterproof wall panel system, with a moisture resistant MDF core and high-pressure laminate backing that's designed to deliver a smooth, watertight finish that's tough, hard-wearing, stain resistant and totally hygienic. Showerwall is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every room.

Showerwall is designed to stay beautiful too. That's why it comes with a manufacturers 15 year watertight guarantee.

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