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The Multipanel range includes bathroom wall panels and bathroom flooring that can be used in bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and any space that requires a waterproof finish.

Multipanel offers a range of bathroom wall boards in a wide range of styles and finishes perfect for both renovation and new build projects. The fastest and easiest way to create modern spaces in the home.

Multipanel Wall Boards

Multipanel Wall boards

Multipanel bathroom wall panels are an elegant solution that help create beautiful spaces in your home. Multipanel have one of the largest selections of colours and finishes available in the world. The panels are made right here in the UK from sustainably sourced materials. The wall panels are fully waterproof, with no grout required, making them resistant to mould and easy to clean and maintain. The panels also come with a 30-year manufacturer guarantee for added protection. 

Multipanel Flooring

Multipanel Flooring

Multipanel range of domestic waterproof luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms. Vinyl flooring from Multipanel is quieter and warmer underfoot than ceramics, laminates and wood, Multipanel is easier to clean and has a tough protective layer for extra durability.

Multipanel Click range are the simplest way to achieve striking wood and tile effects without specialist fitting and difficult gluing techniques. They require no adhesive as the tiles and planks click to each other and not the floor, meaning they can be repositioned for the perfect fit. Multipanel floor range was previously known and TwinFLOOR click.

Multipanel's range of click vinyl flooring, is the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Multipanel flooring is available is a range of colours and finishes from wood textures to tile textures which will complement any décor.

Multipanel Visualiser

With so many different decors on offer from Multipanel, it can sometimes be difficult for you to decide on the right colours combination for your shower wall, vanity, floor and ceiling panels. This is where Multipanel Visualiser can help!

Using the Multipanel visualiser you can change all these elements and see what you can achieve with the perfect Multipanel match.


At Rubberduck Bathrooms, we understand the significance of a well-designed bathroom. Our commitment to providing you with the best Multipanel offerings resonates with your desire for sophistication, convenience, and durability. Elevate your space with Multipanel Shower Panels, Wall Boards, and Click Flooring, all available through Rubberduck Bathrooms - your partner in transforming ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary havens of relaxation and style.

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Price Range
Panel Range
Alpine White (4) Alpine White
Antique Marble (1) Antique Marble
Antique Rose (4) Antique Rose
Arctic Stone (1) Arctic Stone
Bianca Luna (1) Bianca Luna
Black Mineral (2) Black Mineral
Black Pietra (1) Black Pietra
Bleached Cuneo Oak (1) Bleached Cuneo Oak
Brown Cuneo Oak (1) Brown Cuneo Oak
Calacatta Marble (1) Calacatta Marble
Cappuccino Stone (1) Cappuccino Stone
Classic Marble (1) Classic Marble
Concrete Elements (1) Concrete Elements
Concrete Formwood (1) Concrete Formwood
Corten Elements (1) Corten Elements
Creamy White (1) Creamy White
Dove Grey (1) Dove Grey
Dust Grey (4) Dust Grey
Ferro Graphite (1) Ferro Graphite
Frost White (1) Frost White
Graphite Elements (1) Graphite Elements
Grey Marble (1) Grey Marble
Grey Mineral (2) Grey Mineral
Jupiter Silver (1) Jupiter Silver
Levanto Marble (4) Levanto Marble
Marfil Cream (1) Marfil Cream
Misty Blue (4) Misty Blue
Monument Grey (4) Monument Grey
Natural India (1) Natural India
Onyx Marble (1) Onyx Marble
Riven Marble (1) Riven Marble
Riven Slate (1) Riven Slate
Sage Green (4) Sage Green
Salvaged Planked Elm (1) Salvaged Planked Elm
Senora Stone (1) Senora Stone
Siena Marble (1) Siena Marble
Soapstone Stellar (1) Soapstone Stellar
Stone Elements (1) Stone Elements
Taupe Grey (4) Taupe Grey
Tavolo Taupe (1) Tavolo Taupe
Travertine (1) Travertine
Valmasino Marble (2) Valmasino Marble
Warmia Walnut (1) Warmia Walnut
White Grey (4) White Grey
White Gypsum (2) White Gypsum
White Mineral (2) White Mineral
White Snow (1) White Snow
White Terrazzo (2) White Terrazzo
Multipanel Classic (13) Multipanel Classic
Multipanel Contemporary (5) Multipanel Contemporary
Multipanel Linda Barker (13) Multipanel Linda Barker
Multipanel Nature Panel Collection (3) Multipanel Nature Panel Collection
Multipanel Neutrals (2) Multipanel Neutrals
Multipanel Pure (15) Multipanel Pure
Multipanel Tile Collection (33) Multipanel Tile Collection
Width (mm)
Panel Finish
Surface Texture
Panel Edge
Square Edge (48) Square Edge
Tongue and Groove (84) Tongue and Groove
Single Tile/Plank Size
190 x 1210 x 5mm (5) 190 x 1210 x 5mm
304 x 605 x 5mm (6) 304 x 605 x 5mm
Flooring Effect


Multipanel Misty Blue Herringbone Tile Effect Shower Board

Price £240.00 inc. VAT
Our Price £155.00 inc. VAT
You Save £85.00 35%
Average Rating: 5

Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble Shower Panels

Price £155.00 inc. VAT
Our Price £110.00 inc. VAT
You Save £45.00 29%
Shower Board Options:
Shower Board Sizes:
Average Rating: 5

Multipanel Bleached Cuneo Oak Nature Panel Shower Board

Price £270.00 inc. VAT
Our Price £175.00 inc. VAT
You Save £95.00 35%
Average Rating: 5


Discover a world of elegance and innovation with Multipanel, including the renowned Multipanel Linda Barker Collection. Elevate your bathroom design with Multipanel Shower Panels and Click Flooring, all expertly crafted by Grant Westfield.

Versatile Multipanel Wall Boards

Our assortment features a wide array of Multipanel Shower Panels, designed to suit various preferences and themes. These panels not only add a touch of luxury but also eliminate the need for grouting, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free solution. Upgrade your bathroom walls with Multipanel Wall Boards that seamlessly integrate aesthetics and functionality. Whether you seek a minimalist look or a vibrant ambiance, these panels offer an array of finishes to cater to your design vision.

Enhance with Multipanel Click Flooring:

Experience innovation underfoot with Multipanel Click Flooring, a revolution in bathroom flooring solutions. Combining style, durability, and easy installation, these floors are designed to withstand the demands of modern living while delivering a chic look that complements any interior.

The Assurance of Grant Westfield Quality

Multipanel by Grant Westfield stands as a testament to quality and expertise. With decades of industry experience, Grant Westfield ensures that each Multipanel product surpasses expectations in terms of durability, design, and performance. When you choose Multipanel through Rubberduck Bathrooms, you're investing in products built to last.



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