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Double Ended Baths

Tissino range of doubled ended baths are constructed from top quality acrylic for a low maintenance, warm to the touch, slip resistant surface and which comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Tissinos range of premium reinforced bath contructed double ended baths come with Perma Bianco coating which creates a rigid and beautiful finish that will stay white and not discolour over time.

Tissino Bath Panels are available in Standard and Premium Reinforced and are also made from Perma Bianco for a perfect match that will not discolour over time unlike other bath panels.

Double Ended Baths

Tissino Double Ended Baths

Tissino range of double ended baths including premium reinforced double ended baths. The Tissino range of double ended baths included the Lorenzo range and Londra Range of double ended baths. The premium reforcments make the Tissino range of baths strang and durable.

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