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Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner manufacture and supply a variety of pump ranges including solutions for low water pressure, such as mains boost pumpsshower pumps, and wastewater removal pumps.

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Showermate Eco S1.5 Bar Twin Shower Pump - 46502 - Stuart Turner

Price 160.50 inc. VAT
Our Price 129.95 inc. VAT
You Save 30.55 19%
Average Rating: 5

Showermate Eco S2.0 Bar Twin Shower Pump - 46500 - Stuart Turner

Price 214.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 159.36 inc. VAT
You Save 54.64 26%
Average Rating: 5

Showermate Eco S2.0 Bar Single Shower Pump - 46503 - Stuart Turner

Price 149.81 inc. VAT
Our Price 115.16 inc. VAT
You Save 34.65 23%
Average Rating: 5

Techflo TP S2.0 Bar Single Shower Pump- 49086 - Stuart Turner

Price 117.50 inc. VAT
Our Price 103.66 inc. VAT
You Save 13.84 12%
Average Rating: 5

Techflo TP S1.5 Bar Twin Shower Pump - 49084 - Stuart Turner

Price 129.74 inc. VAT
Our Price 108.34 inc. VAT
You Save 21.40 17%
Average Rating: 5

Techflo TP S2.0 Bar Twin Shower Pump - 49085 - Stuart Turner

Price 161.57 inc. VAT
Our Price 138.02 inc. VAT
You Save 23.55 15%
Average Rating: 5
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Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

When you purchase a Stuart Turner Pump from Rubberduck Bathrooms Limited you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, design innovation, value for money with an industry leading service. 
Stuart Turner Pumps are a UK company with over 100 years of engineering experience and continuous investment in both product innovation and manufacturing capability.
Stuart Turner has gained an enviable market leading reputation both in the UK and overseas for its extensive range of pumping solutions and products, catering for both residential and commercial applications.
Stuart Turner was established in 1906, since then Stuart Turner has a long and distinguished history.

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