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Raychem Underfloor Heating

Raychem underfloor and undertile heating system is an electric radiant floor heating system for installation under Ceramic or porcelain tile, Granite - Marble (except cultured marble), Natural stone, Laminate wood flooring (floating only) and Engineered wood flooring (floating or glue down). Raychem underfloor heating is available is two quicknet versions, 90 and 160 and also available in a loose wire. Quick nets are perfect for fast installation in square rooms, where the loose wire is more suitable for rooms which shaped walls and or colums etc.

Raychem quicknet 90 - For wood substrait. The Raychem T2quicknet 90 is designed to be installed to a prepared wooded floor.

Raychem quicknet 160 - For solid surface substrait. The Raychem T2quicknet 160 is designed to be installed to concrete floors or woodfloor prepared with a suitable insulted tilebacker board.

All Raychem underfloor heating mats require a digital thermostat controller.

For optimum performance it is recogmended that all underfloor heating systems are installed on a suitable insulated tileback board or insultation matting.


Raychem Underfloor Heating

Raychem Underfloor Heating 1M sq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 128.84 inc. VAT
Our Price 103.08 inc. VAT
You Save 25.76 20%

Raychem Greenleaf Touchscreen Thermostat Control

Price 207.31 inc. VAT
Our Price 149.99 inc. VAT
You Save 57.32 28%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 1.5Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 153.56 inc. VAT
Our Price 122.84 inc. VAT
You Save 30.72 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 2M sq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 179.52 inc. VAT
Our Price 143.62 inc. VAT
You Save 35.90 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 2.5M sq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 204.28 inc. VAT
Our Price 163.42 inc. VAT
You Save 40.86 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 3M sq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 229.02 inc. VAT
Our Price 183.22 inc. VAT
You Save 45.80 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 3.5Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 252.58 inc. VAT
Our Price 202.06 inc. VAT
You Save 50.52 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 4Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 277.33 inc. VAT
Our Price 221.87 inc. VAT
You Save 55.46 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 5msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 326.82 inc. VAT
Our Price 261.46 inc. VAT
You Save 65.36 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 6Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 363.36 inc. VAT
Our Price 290.69 inc. VAT
You Save 72.67 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 7Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 399.88 inc. VAT
Our Price 319.90 inc. VAT
You Save 79.98 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 8Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 436.45 inc. VAT
Our Price 349.16 inc. VAT
You Save 87.29 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 9Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 472.97 inc. VAT
Our Price 378.37 inc. VAT
You Save 94.60 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 10Msq T2 QuickNet 160

Price 538.93 inc. VAT
Our Price 431.15 inc. VAT
You Save 107.78 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 1Msq T2 QuickNet 90

Price 106.45 inc. VAT
Our Price 85.16 inc. VAT
You Save 21.29 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 1.5M sq T2 QuickNet 90

Price 127.68 inc. VAT
Our Price 102.14 inc. VAT
You Save 25.54 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 2Msq T2 QuickNet 90

Price 150.06 inc. VAT
Our Price 120.05 inc. VAT
You Save 30.01 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 2.5Msq T2 QuickNet 90

Price 172.43 inc. VAT
Our Price 137.94 inc. VAT
You Save 34.49 20%

Raychem Underfloor Heating 3Msq T2 QuickNet 90

Price 193.64 inc. VAT
Our Price 154.92 inc. VAT
You Save 38.72 20%
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Raychem Underfloor Heating

The QuickNet system provides targeted comfort heating in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and other living areas. Raychem QuickNet's compatibility with all standard sub-flooring materials, and its low 3/16 inch (3mm) profile, make it ideal for renovation projects. The QuickNet radiant floor heating system includes a blue heating cable woven into an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation without worrying about heating cable spacing. The floor heating mats are pre-terminated for use 240 V. The QuickNet floor heating mats emit no measurable electromagnetic fields due to the shielded dual conductor design. This dual conductor cable requires only one cold lead connection making it easy to layout and install. The cold lead is a black non-heating cord that runs in the wall and connects the system to the thermostat.

Additional information regarding Raychem QuickNet electric radiant floor heating systems:

  1. For laminate and engineered wood flooring, please refer to the wood manufacturer's recommendations to determine which species are approved for use with radiant electric floor heating systems
  2. Mats are available in various lengths of 20-inch widths
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