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Haven Showers Collection

Haven Showers range of shower enclosures and bath screens offer affordable quality shower enclosures for the modern home. The haven range incorporates all the key enclosure styles and sizes which are popular in the UK, including: quadrant enclosures, sliding door enclosures, bi-fold door enclosures, wetroom panels, pivot door enclosures and corner entry enclosures. The range also has its own collection of standard sized panels and extension profiles, alongside a portfolio of bath screens, for when showering over the bath can’t be avoided.

The Haven enclosures and bath screens are covered by a 10 year guarantee and feature Roman Ultra Care Pre-coated Glass Protection.

Haven Showers Collection

Haven Showers

Haven is part of the Roman group of companies and as such the range has been designed by Roman’s team of in house designers. It has been created to offer truly affordable shower enclosures and bath screens which do not compromise on quality.

Haven Shower Enclosures that combine style, innovation, and quality to create a truly exceptional bathing space. Our diverse range of enclosures caters to every preference and requirement, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

From sleek frameless designs that exude modern minimalism to timeless semi-frameless options that blend seamlessly with any décor, Haven Shower Enclosures offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility as our enclosures provide an unparalleled shield against splashes, ensuring a pristine bathroom environment.

Roman’s Haven range of shower enclosures and wetroom panels offers you all the qualities you would expect from the Roman Brand – for complete peace of mind. The innovative and affordable Haven designs are backed by over 30 years of showering experience, offering high quality products complete with a comprehensive after sales service.

All Haven shower enclosures and wetroom shower screens are 1900mm high with slim streamlined profiles. The enhance features of the Haven Plus range create a contemporary and sleek design.

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