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HaLite Gloss White 1700mm Bath Panel - Waterproof & Solid

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HaLite 1700mm Solid & Waterproof Bath Front Panel

The halite bath front panel is 1700mm long and can easily be cut down to fit smaller baths.

Halite Bath panels are completely waterproof with no risk of water ingress and offer all the advantages of a solid wooden bath panel. In that it's strong, robust and comes with an adjustable plinth. Unlinke other solid bath panels, these are much more cost effective and constructed from a high quality, UV stable expanded vinyl material known as PVC Foam board.

The panels are rigid and durable whilst being lightweight, easy to cut-to-size and install.

HaLite Front Panel Specification:

  • Front Panel Width: 1700mm
  • Front Panel Height: 480 - 550mm
  • Front Panel Thickness: 15mm

What are the advantages over Acrylic bath panels?

Unlike typical acrylic panels, the HaLite panels are completely solid with no wobble, as you find with the thinner acrylic bath panels. Due to the matierial, they're 100% waterproor while being very robust and will stand the test of time even in high traffic bathrooms.

  1. Solid Construction 
  2. Offers the strength and support you'd expect from solid bath panel (will not bow and crack in the same way as acrylic panels)
  3. Manufactured from high-quality PVC foam board
  4. Adjustable Height (will fit numerous baths)
  5. Easy-to-Cut
  6. UV Resistant

What are the advantages over MDF bath panels?

Unlike MDF Bath Panels, the HaLite bath panels are lightweight and constructed from a completely waterproof material. Meaning there are no issues with water ingress over time, which causes wood based panels to bow. You can install them quicker too, as there is no need to seal the edge when cutting to size.

  1. 100% Waterproof!
  2. It will not swell or bubble-like laminated MDF or Wood
  3. No need to reseal the panel if cut during installation
  4. Much lighter making it easier to install
  5. The finish is UV resistant, durable and scratch-resistant too!

Also see the range of Halite Bathrom Furniture which offfers the same waterproof properties.

Halite Installation Guide & FAQ's

Supplied in 2 parts and can easily assembled on-site using the brackets and screws provided. Simply fix both parts together (as pictured) at your chosen height, from 480 to 550mm. When being installed alongside an end panel, you may wish to mitre the join in the corner or simply butt them alongside each other for a quick & easy installation.

Depending on the bath timber battons can be installed in behind for the bath panels to butt up to, which will give the completed structure even more stability.

Some baths have a gap on the underside for a bath panel to slip in to for stability. If you wish, you can cut the top of your halite bath panel to fit inside this lip or you can shorten the height of the panel slightly and again use timber battons in behind to secure before sealing in place.

Can Halite Panels Be Cut? Yes Halite bath panels can be cut with hand or power tools. As the panel is waterproof you don't need to worry about sealing the cut ends as they will not blow as MDF panels do.

Do Halite panels have a lip on the top? Halite panels do not have a lip on the of the main (larger) panel. Not all baths allow for a lip to tuck under the edge of the bath and these lips vary in size. By having a flat edge the Halite can be used on many more baths or cut to fit said lip using the correct tools.

How do you install a Halite Panel? They are installed in the same way an MDF or solid bath panel would be installed. 4 x Brackets are supplied as standard but you may wish to use wall or floor batterns in behind to give extra stability. If you're not in the trade, you may wish to view a YouTube tutorial on how to fit a solid wood bath panel to help guide you along the way. 

How is end panel fitted to the front panel? Inside both the Front and End panels we supply 4 x brackets and screws, when installing and end panel the brackets are used to screw the panels together from the rear.

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HaLite Gloss White 1700mm Bath Panel - Waterproof & Solid

HaLite Gloss White 1700mm Bath Panel - Waterproof & Solid
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