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Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Shower Experience

3 Mar 2016, 2:18 PM

While soaking in a hot bath can be a wonderful way to unwind, it can also be a time-consuming experience. This is why nowadays most people prefer to use a shower to get clean quickly and then go about their daily routine. A shower in the morning can be an invigorating and refreshing experience while a quick shower before slipping under clean sheets can be the perfect bedtime experience.
Showering experiences can differ depending on the type of shower available, so it is essential to take a look at the different styles and options.

Here are a few types of shower that provide a perfect shower experience:

Electric showers do not rely on a boiler to heat the water and are extremely useful during the summer months when water and room heating sources may be switched off as well as for large families who shower frequently. The cold water feed is heated as it passes through the shower unit, meaning that hot water never runs out.

Thermostatic controlled mixer showers are useful for those with a good combination boiler, as both hot and cold water is fed into the unit. This type of shower is easy to operate and provides good water
pressure from the showerhead. These shower can also be used with conventional stored water systems especially if shower pumps
are used to increase water flow.

Power showers provide one of the best shower experiences, using either an integrated pump or separate shower pump to boost water flow. These cannot be used with combination boilers, but work well for those who have separate hot and cold tanks.

Multi-jet showers, also known as hydro-massage showers, are becoming more and more popular, and provide an invigorating shower experience. Using jets as well as a traditional showerhead, the multi-jet shower uses a similar system to thermostatic showers and can be as hot or cool as desired.

Cubicles and Enclosures

While it is important to choose a shower system to suit the needs of those using it and the water sources available, it is also important to choose a suitable shower area. While many people have a shower within a bath, some prefer a shower to be separate from the bathing area, or even in a different room, so that both can be used at the same time.

A bathroom can be transformed by choosing a suitable shower, modern and stylish shower valves or mixers, and a little creativity with attractive tiles and paint. Using mirrors can create an illusion of space in a small bathroom while larger bathrooms might benefit from pretty accessories such as baskets of coloured soaps, colour-co-ordinated towels, and themed sets of soap dishes and toothbrush mugs.

A few ideas for the perfect shower enclosure include the following:

Cubicle-style shower enclosures provide an easy walk-in system, and can be ideal for people with mobility issues who struggle to step into high-sided baths. Standard shower cubicles are enclosed by a shower screen or curtain and have a shower tray to catch and drain water. These can be installed in a small area as they use very little space.

Shower rooms save space, making them ideal for small bathrooms that are overwhelmed by the bath itself. By removing the bath and installing a suitable shower system and screens, space is created that can be used for storage as well as allowing more room to move.

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular and provide good use of a small area as they do not require a cubicle or shower tray. Wet rooms make the perfect second bathroom and come in a range of styles and budgets to suit everyone; and like shower cubicles, they are ideal for those with mobility problems. They are easy to clean, and if well-designed, provide better protection  to the flooring under tiles than a standard bathroom.

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