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Croydex Accessories

Croydex has been making quality household items since 1919 and maintains this quality to this day. Croydex's range of bathroom accessories lets you add the finishing touches to your bathroom and make it unique to you.

Their range of shower baskets and caddies are available in straight and corner designs with a variety of mounting options to suit any space. They also open up new storage space to store all your showering and bathing essentials in a convenient, easy to reach location. For an extra touch, Croydex also has a range of robe hooks, soap dishes and wall-mounted tumblers so everything can have a home in your bathroom.

In addition to making your bathroom look better, you can also make it safer with a Croydex bath mat! Made from natural rubber with secure-grip suction cups, they won't slip away from you during use and their anti-microbial coating makes cleaning easy.


Croydex Accessories

Croydex Premium Large Two Tier Shower Caddy - 390 x 255 x 125mm - Rust Free

Price 78.50 inc. VAT
Our Price 49.50 inc. VAT
You Save 29.00 37%

Croydex Premium Single Corner Shower Caddy - 35 x 273 x 190mm

Price 28.15 inc. VAT
Our Price 20.78 inc. VAT
You Save 7.37 26%

Croydex Premium Two Tier Shower Caddy - 250 x 180 x 105mm - Rust Free

Price 32.34 inc. VAT
Our Price 29.10 inc. VAT
You Save 3.24 10%

Croydex Easy Fit Shower Caddy - Rust Free - Clip On

Price 17.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 12.48 inc. VAT
You Save 4.52 27%

Croydex Premium Large Curved Shower Caddy - 250 x 140 x 125mm - Rust Free

Price 33.79 inc. VAT
Our Price 22.98 inc. VAT
You Save 10.81 32%

Croydex Premium Stainless Steel Hook - Over Three Tier Caddy

Price 61.97 inc. VAT
Our Price 46.98 inc. VAT
You Save 14.99 24%

Croydex Hook Over Shower Caddy

Price 13.32 inc. VAT
Our Price 9.98 inc. VAT
You Save 3.34 25%

Croydex Easy Fit Shower Riser Rail Caddy

Price 17.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 13.61 inc. VAT
You Save 3.39 20%

Croydex Triple Tier Corner Shower Basket Set (H) 1615mm x (W) 270mm x (D) 185mm

Price 45.08 inc. VAT
Our Price 30.49 inc. VAT
You Save 14.59 32%
Croydex Accessories

Croydex Bathroom Accessories

Buy Croydex Bathrooms Accessories including soap dish & towel rings online with massive discounts and FREE UK Delivery available at Rubberduck Bathrooms.

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