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Column & Panel Showers

Thermostatic Shower panels and shower columns are also known and shower towers and dream showers. Dream showers here at come in a range of sizes, finishes and features. Many column showers and panel shower valves feature body jets to provide you with a totally invigorating shower as well as an overhead shower head and a hand held shower for more control. A shower panel will also add a touch of designer style to your bathroom and they are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Here at Rubberduck Bathrooms you will discover shower towers from well-known brands too including Ultra, Hudson Reed, Phoenix and many more to ensure of high quality.

Column & Panel Showers

Hudson Reed - Shimmer Thermostatic Shower

Price 1,191.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 634.92 inc. VAT
You Save 556.08 47%

Hudson Reed - Interval Stainless Steel Panel Shower

Price 1,304.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 695.00 inc. VAT
You Save 609.00 47%

Hudson Reed - Interval Chrome Panel Shower Tower

Price 1,304.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 695.00 inc. VAT
You Save 609.00 47%

Hudson Reed - Surface Stainless Steel Thermostatic Shower Tower

Price 1,325.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 704.59 inc. VAT
You Save 620.41 47%

Hudson Reed - Astral Thermostatic Shower Pane - AS326

Price 1,325.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 705.95 inc. VAT
You Save 619.05 47%

Hudson Reed - Genie LED Dream Shower - AS361

Price 1,563.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 829.96 inc. VAT
You Save 733.04 47%
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Column & Panel Showers

Column Showers & Panel Showers

Our stunning shower panels or shower columns will provide you with the ultimate invigorating showering experience as well as creating an eye-catching feature in your bathroom or shower room. This range of shower panels are available in a variety of finishes including chrome and even matt black. A shower panel with a black finish is ideal for creating a bold, daring look and feel to your bathroom.

The body jets featured on the shower panels will provide a massaging effect to help ease away any tension in your back or shoulders to leave you feeling more energised, while the large shower head will leave you feeling refreshed.

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