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Mirrors & Mirrored Cabinets

HIB Tapio Mirror with Glass Shelf

Price 136.37 inc. VAT

HIB Opus Mirror

Price 137.09 inc. VAT

HIB Jazz Mirror with Bevelled Edge

Price 119.23 inc. VAT

HIB Almo Mirror

Price 130.99 inc. VAT

HIB Olivia Mirror

Price 85.00 inc. VAT

HIB Isis Mirror

Price 185.18 inc. VAT

HIB Georgia Decorative 50cm Mirror

Price 178.80 inc. VAT
Our Price 160.80 inc. VAT
You Save 18.00 10%

HIB Lola Mirror

Price 142.00 inc. VAT

HIB Delby Mirror with Glass Shelf

Price 198.00 inc. VAT

Croydex Chester Flexi-Fix Square Mirror 380 (H) x 380 (W) x 90mm (D)

Price 61.97 inc. VAT
Our Price 43.00 inc. VAT
You Save 18.97 31%

HIB Georgia Decorative 60cm Mirror

Price 210.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 178.80 inc. VAT
You Save 31.20 15%

HIB Georgia Decorative 120cm Mirror

Price 249.00 inc. VAT
Our Price 215.28 inc. VAT
You Save 33.72 14%

HIB Tila Extendable Magnifing Mirror

Price 145.01 inc. VAT

HIB Rico Extendable Magnifing Mirror

Price 106.00 inc. VAT

HIB Rossi Extendable Magnifing Mirror

Price 139.97 inc. VAT

Inda Fix To The Wall Magnifying Mirror

Price 78.66 inc. VAT
Our Price 62.93 inc. VAT
You Save 15.73 20%

Inda Wall-mounted magnifying mirror on slide rail bar

Price 224.58 inc. VAT
Our Price 179.66 inc. VAT
You Save 44.92 20%

Inda Free-standing Magnifying Mirror

Price 177.84 inc. VAT
Our Price 142.27 inc. VAT
You Save 35.57 20%

Inda Wall-mounted magnifying mirror, double jointed arm

Price 178.98 inc. VAT
Our Price 143.18 inc. VAT
You Save 35.80 20%
Tap Sets

UPTO 60% Off Tap Sets

Tavistock Quantum Shower

SAVE 116.75 - Tavistock Quantum Shower

Single Head Concealed Shower

SAVE 133 - Single Concealed Shower

Stock Clearance

Bathroom Warehouse Clearance Sale

Mirrors & Mirrored Cabinets

Bathroom Mirrors & Cabinets

Browse our range of bathroom mirrors and bathroom mirrored cabinets in a wide range of shapes and sizes including long, oval, wide, circular, with lights or without, we are sure that we have the right bathroom mirror for you.

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors in the bathrooms are essential to the practicality of your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors help you with many askpects of daily grooming in the bathroom including, hair grooming, dential care and male grooming and shaving. Many bathroom mirrors now come with a range of features to increase their practicallity in the bathroom such as built in shaver sockets (perfect for shavers and tooth brushes), built in lights to help illuminate you bathroom and face while grooming or purly for effect (infinity mirrors) and demiser pads to keep you mirror steam free. Some mirrors now also come with built in clocks, speakers, FM radios, DAB digial radios, bluetooth and even televisions. these are knows as audio mirrors or media mirrors.

Bathroom Mirrored Cabinets

Bathroom mirrored cabinets allow for extra storage space in your bathrooms while still offering the mirror thjat is required in the bathroom. Many bathroom mirrored cabinets also come with features such as shaver sockets, clocks and lights.

At we offer a wide range of bathroom mirrors from all the leading manufacturers. We offer a range of mirrors to suite all taste and budgets from a standard mirror to full illuminated infinity mirrors. Mirrors Including illuminated LED mirrors and magnifying mirrors.

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