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McAlpine, The plumbers choice. McApline plumbing traps and wastes are well known in the plumbing industry for being the “best” and are most plumbers first choice when it comes to their plumbing and wastes connections. McAlpine commenced manufacturing plumbing products in 1902 and in 1957 were the first United Kingdom Company to manufacture Plastic Traps. McAlpine now manufactures an exceptionally wide range of plumbing products and wastes of the highest quality for use in the United Kingdom and exports specifically designed products for use in over sixty countries worldwide. As market leader, McAlpine has a reputation for producing innovative products determined by market conditions and customer demand.


McAlpine SA10 Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap - 1 1/4" / 32mm

Found in: Traps
Price 5.06 inc. VAT
Our Price 3.90 inc. VAT
You Save 1.16 23%

McAlpine SC10 Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap - 1 1/2" / 38mm

Found in: Traps
Price 6.07 inc. VAT
Our Price 4.70 inc. VAT
You Save 1.37 23%

McAlpine SE10 Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap - 2"

Found in: Traps
Price 11.15 inc. VAT
Our Price 8.95 inc. VAT
You Save 2.20 20%

McAlpine E10 Shallow Bottle Trap - 1 1/4" / 32mm

Found in: Traps
Price 4.60 inc. VAT
Our Price 3.48 inc. VAT
You Save 1.12 24%

McAlpine ASA10 Adjustable Inlet Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap 1 1/4" / 32mm

Found in: Traps
Price 6.31 inc. VAT
Our Price 5.20 inc. VAT
You Save 1.11 18%

McAlpine ASA10V Adjustable Inlet Tubular Swivel Anti-Syphon 'P' Trap 1 1/4" / 32mm

Found in: Traps
Price 8.09 inc. VAT
Our Price 6.54 inc. VAT
You Save 1.55 19%

McAlpine SB10 Tubular Swivel 'S' Trap 1 1/4" 32mm

Found in: Traps
Price 6.13 inc. VAT
Our Price 4.96 inc. VAT
You Save 1.17 19%

McAlpine SD10 Tubular Swivel 'S' Trap 1 1/2" 38mm

Price 7.15 inc. VAT
Our Price 5.95 inc. VAT
You Save 1.20 17%
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