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How To Create the Perfect Coupleís Bathroom

28 Jul 2017, 10:35 AM

How To Create The Perfect Coupleís Bathroom

Designing your new bathroom should be given the proper time and attention it deserves, as one of the most important rooms in your home. As women and men, we often want different things out of our bathroom, so designing a his and hers, coupleís bathroom is a great way to ensure harmony in the relationship and throughout the home. It is also a cost-effective way to ensure that your own needs are met, helping you to feel comfortable, and that you have a space you enjoy sharing.

Below weíve listed out our top tips for creating the perfect coupleís bathroom in your own home.

His & Hers Sections

Far from creating a separated atmosphere in the relationship, his and hers spaces within the bathroom often leads to greater harmony and fewer arguments between you and your partner. From his and hers sinks to vanity areas separating the items you use in the bathroom on a daily basis, this layout is a great way to give each other the space you require at home. Consider finding a design for the sink and mirrors you both agree on, and then personalise your spaces with individual accessory preferences. Keeping your sink areas separate means you wonít be in each otherís way in the morning as you rush to get ready, and also that you can keep to hand the items you use most frequently which are likely to be very different!


There are so many storage options for a his and hers bathroom, from under-sink storage to matching mirrored cupboards. Consider using shelving as a handy storage solution that you can fill with the items either you or your partner use most, depending on which side of the room they sit on. Baskets are a charming and effective way to store items, whether theyíre neatly packed away on a covered shelf or hung from the wall into an attractive feature. Another great idea for storage is matching spice racks you can use to store everyday household items.


For your perfect coupleís bathroom, why not consider a wet room with two shower spaces. With one point of entry but two separate shower heads, you can both get ready for the day or night without getting in each otherís way. Just like your vanity units, you can keep the items each of you use within your own shower cubical and can section off the cubicles as much or as little as you like.

Double-Ended Baths

Why not consider a double-ended bath to relax and unwind with your partner? If sinking into a long luxurious bath after a long day of work is your idea of heaven, then an investment in a double-ended bath could be a great idea. Double-ended baths are larger than regular-sized baths so that they can fit two people in them, meaning that if you were just to relax on your own sometimes in the bath itís even more spacious than usual.
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