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Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Corner entry shower enclosures provide the perfect solution for compact bathrooms where available space is at a premium. Corner Entries are square shaped corner enclosures allow you to enter the shower from the corner. They are function & practical, they sit clean in the corner of the bathroom and helps to give a spacious look. Corner shower enclosures are very similar to quadrant enclosures. However, whereas quadrants are rounded, corner enclosures go for a straight edged look which makes for cleaner lines and provides a much neater look in the bathroom.

Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Corner Entry Shower Enclosures

Corner Entry Enclosures are an ideal for entry through the diagonal is more practical, without compromising on the showering space. We have a huge and an extensive range of corner entry enclosures. This style of enclosure is one of the most compatible with bathrooms as it will fit in virtually any corner assuming there is enough room. The straight line design provides a much greater showering area than many other similar model enclosures

You want a shower enclosure but if you had one installed you wouldn't be able to get in and out? No problem with our range of Corner Entry Shower Enclosures. These shower enclosures are available in all of the sizes that standard shower cubicles are available in but instead of having a pivot door or pivot door on one side, both sides of these enclosures have part of the door as well as a static panel.

To get into the enclosure, just slide both of the closest panels away from you and Presto! You now have a shower enclosure without having to worry about surround objects in your bathroom

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