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Cleargreen Baths are built to last. Are you looking for a strong bath? Cleargreen baths are build to withstand 2.3 tonnes and come with a manufactuers guarantee of 10 years are built with 10mm diameter steel reinforcing rod runs inside
rectangular bath rims. Cleargreen baths are capable of retaining heat in the water for 30 minutes longer than any ordinary bath allowing you to enjoy a relaxing bath for longer. Not only do Cleargreen baths help you relax by retaining heat they are also practitioners of New Ergonomics believe comfort happens when an equal amount of work is performed by complementary muscle groups, also referred to as ‘tonus’ to help you body fully relax. ClearGreen offer a range of single Ened Baths, double Ended Baths, Shower Baths and Freestanding baths. View the range of Cleargreen Baths here at Rubberduck Bathrooms


Reuse Reinforced Bath Single Ended - ClearGreen - 1600 x 700mm

Price 300.00 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5

Reuse Reinforced Bath Single Ended - ClearGreen - 1700 x 750mm

Price 250.00 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5

Reuse Reinforced Bath Single Ended - ClearGreen - 1500 x 750mm

Price 300.00 inc. VAT
Average Rating: 5

What a greener bath? Cleargreen baths are made from reinforced Lucite acrylic which uses 30% recycled material making Cleargreen baths not only one of the strongest baths on the market, but one of the greenest.

At Rubberduck Bathrooms we can supply the complete range of bath from Cleargreen throughout the UK. For a competitive quotes please contact us today. Cleargreen is part of the Britton Bathrooms Brand. click here to read the ClearGreen bath brochure

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