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Do black taps scratch?

22 Apr 2020, 2:40 PM

Do black taps scratch?

Can Black Taps Be Scratched?

The short answer is, yes.

All surface can be scratches, chrome, black, gold, white they can all be scratched if care is not given. 

Much like your car in your driveway, you aren’t supposed to run sharp objects down the side and across the top of your new designer taps to see if it scratches! Of course, you wouldn’t do that, but rings on fingers are the main causes of scratches to taps. If you don’t want to remove your rings entirely when using your black taps, just be a little more aware of them and try to avoid scratching the surface of the tap.

Take Care During Installation 

Most of the damage done to brassware and taps usually occurs during installation – basically when you come to put it in. Be sure to check your new black taps as soon as they come out of the box – it should be flawless, with no imperfections in the finish.
Ensure you or the tradesperson you’ve employed to install the tap takes special care when handling and installing and avoid gripping the black with metal-faced spanners, plyers and grips as these will damage the surface. Most experienced plumbers will have a soft grip tap spanner designed to grip taps which out a metal grip.

Black taps and brassware may need a little more attention than other finishes, but we don’t want that to put you off. As long as you keep cleaning simple it shouldn’t be a chore and you’ll find your matt black taps look stunning for years.

If you are looking to update your bathroom taps or kitchen tap to something more trend-setting, it worth looking at updating your brassware to a black basin and bath taps to add that extra style to your room.

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