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Signature D Style, Matt Black, 4-in-1 Instant Hot Water & Filtered Cold Water Kitchen Tap

Signature D Style, Matt Black, 4-in-1 Instant Hot Water & Filtered Cold Water Kitchen Tap

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Matt Black D Style 4 in 1 Boiling Water, Filtered Cold, Hot & Cold Water Kitchen Tap

Enjoy filtered boiling hot water & filter cold water straight from the kitchen tap with Rubberduck's own Signature range of 4 in 1 kitchen taps.

This 4 in 1 kitchen taps comes complete with 4 in 1 Matt Black tap, boiler unit, and twin water filters.

Featuring a Matt Black D Square style tap dispenses both standard hot & cold water as well as instant filtered boiling hot water & Filtered Cold Water.

This tap comes with a child safety spring lock action, the boiling water also runs through the center of the tap to ensure the tap is always cold to the touch which provides the perfect safety features for a busy working family.

4 in 1 tap sink mixer providing

  • Normal hot and cold water
  • Boiling water at 98c
  • Cold filtered water straight from the tap
  • Smaller boiling water tank than most other systems for easier installation and more cupboard space, but still holding 2.4 litres of water
  • Safety Child proof boiling water tap handle providing additional safety
  • Cold filtered water providing unlimited instant cold filtered water, saving money and plastic waste on buying bottled water
  • 180 degree limited tap rotation allowing maximum reach and flexibility preventing over twisting the boiling water tap feed

4-in-1 Tap Specification

  • Deck or sink mount (35mm hole required)
  • Material: Quality brass with highly polished Matt Black finish for years of long life
  • Spout insulation – keeps the spout cool to touch whilst dispensing boiling water
  • Quarter turn ceramic cartridges – ease of use and long service life
  • 180 degree swivel spout with aerator fitting – for maximum flexibility and good water flow
  • Right hand side Hot/Cold water lever – easy to use single lever
  • Left Hand side safety sprung lock handle – for child and additional safety feature
  • And opposite twist for cold filtered water
  • Flexible connecting hoses and tap fixing kit – ease of installation
  • Guarantee 5 years of tap peace of mind
  • D - Shape Neck

Boiler Tap Dimensions

  • Height 353mm
  • Reach 210mm
  • Spout Width 28mm
  • Spout Height 294mm
  • Tap hole 35mm

Boiler Tank Specification

  • Front view digital touch screen - Unobstructed view. Easy to read and use
  • Easy install – Simple and quick to install. Normally takes no more than one hour depending upon existing plumbing
  • Capacity – 2.4 litres (delivers enough for 7 cups of tea or coffee at a time)
  • Minimum water pressure 1.0 bar
  • Maximum water pressure 5.0 bar
  • Pre-set Temperature 55c to 98c
  • Thermostat accurate to plus/minus 0.5c
  • Cold water heat up time - approx. 8 minutes
  • Tank Material
  • Outer casing – powder coated mild steel
  • Inner Tank Stainless steel
  • Latest Insulation technology for maximum energy efficiency
  • Tank has a 2 year guarantee

Tank Dimensions

  • Height – 262mm
  • Width – 190mm
  • Depth - 190mm

Tank Electrical data

  • Standard 13 amp detachable cable
  • 220-240 volt
  • Power rating 1.5kw

Double in line Filter Specification

  • Filtering Water – protects tank from limescale build up and improves boiling water taste
  • Filter 1: Nano phosphate filter -Stops limescale build up in the tank
  • Filter 2: Filter removes bacteria, chlorine and other particles from the water
  • Installation - fits neatly in the space under the sink/easy installation
  • Estimated replacement cycle – 6 months
  • Height - 295mm
  • Width - 168mm
Shipping: Can ship only within Mainland United Kingdom
Product Details
Type 4 in 1 Kitchen Boiler Tap
Finish Matt Black

Signature D Style, Matt Black, 4-in-1 Instant Hot Water & Filtered Cold Water Kitchen Tap

Signature D Style, Matt Black, 4-in-1 Instant Hot Water & Filtered Cold Water Kitchen Tap
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