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MultiPanel Plus Boards

Introducing MultiPANEL + boards (multiPANEL PLUS) the new range of bathroom and shower wall boards from multiPANEL. MultiPANEL plus boards offer a wider range of colours and digital printing options making multiPANEL plus one of the largest colour and finish ranges available. Please not multiPANEL + are special made to order items and can take upto 3 - 8 weeks depending on the design.

MultiPanel Plus Boards

MultiPANEL Plus 2 Side Shower Board Kit

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MultiPanel Plus Boards

Introducing MultiPANEL + boards (multiPANEL PLUS) the new range of bathroom and shower wall boards from Grant Westfield. MultiPANEL + add to the already extensive and popular range of wall boards in the multiPANEL range. MultiPANEL + boards are a made to order and feature a new range of fashionable and vibrant finishes.

MultiPANEL + boards are available in 1200 x 2400mm board size only with either Hydrolocked or clean cut edges.

Image Shower Wall Boards

MultiPANEL + Digital range of shower boards add a whole new dimension to bathroom wall boards. MultiPANEL + Digital are printed wallboard which can feature one of the 12 images available from MultiPANEL or you can supply your own digital image (providing it meets the minimum resolution standards of 2400mm x 1200mm @ 72dpi or equivilant ie 60cm x 30cm @ 300dpi) from a photograph, digital art or images from a stock site online. Add a whole new dimension to your bathroom experience.

MultiPANEL + boards are made to order (special order) so have a longer lead time of 3 weeks and 8 weeks for the MultiPANEL + digital range

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