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What is a Japanese toilet?

4 Nov 2019, 3:23 PM

Japanese Style toilets

A Japanese style toilet in the UK is know as a shower toilet or a smart toilet, as it is a toilet with built in smart technology. Put simply, this means smart toilets can interact with their user via remote control. With a press of the button, you can flush, wash and dry. Other features include, auto cleaning technology, adjustable warm water washing, heated toilet seats, auto lifting and closing toilet seat and auto flushing. As the name suggests, Japanese toilets originated from Japan is a high tech region of the world and these luxury smart toilets can be found in most homes Japanese homes. Smart shower toilets we featured on TV years ago on programs such as Tomorrows World and have more recently been on programs like Grand Designs.

What do Japanese shower toilets do?

Japanese Shower Toilets have a vast variety of functionalities, that aim to make your trips to the loo, that little bit easier. In their basic form, a Japanese shower toilets incorporated a bidet shower jet with the toilet, giving a 2 in one toilet and bidet. But being Japan, the basic will never do. Many Japanese shower toilets have adjustable temperature water shower jets, an air drying, heater toilet seats, deodorising technology, self cleaning features, night lights and more. These features can be customised and control by the user from built in controls, remote controls and even by an app on a smart phone.

Spray Wash 

The spray wash function makes sure you feel clean after going to the toilet. There is a rear wash or female wash for an extra fresh feeling. You can adjust the water temperature, spray patterns and spray pressure to your preferred setting.

Air Dryer 

After the spray wash has completed the Smart Shower Toilet will then move onto to air dryer function which drys you after use. Again, the air dryer allows you to choose the perfect temperature.

Stop Operation

If you’re in a rush, you can use the stop operation button to stop the washing and air-drying with the tap of a button. Many have a sensor to stop the functions should the user stand up from the toilet.


The deodoriser function will make sure your toilet and bathroom is always smelling fresh. The deodoriser extractors air and odores from the toilet bowl before they reach the room. Many even have a feature to release a beautiful fragrance for 1 minute after use – giving you a toilet thats always guest ready

Automated clean and germs reduction technology

Many Smart Showers Toilets have automated cleaning assistance and easy clean technology . When not in use and over night the toilet will automatically wash its spray heads and flush to clean the bowl. Many come with features such as a easy clean and non-stick coatings on the inside of the bowl for ease of cleaning. A UV light may also be installed to kill germs.

Night light

You can use the Japanese Toilet’s night light to guide you to the loo in the middle of the night. This is a great way to spare your eyes from turning on the bathroom light at 2 in the morning. Not only does this look pretty special once lit up, but the night light will adjust it’s light/darkness levels depending on it’s environment. The night light may also have UV light which help clean harmful germs and bacteria.

Heated Seats

No more dreaded cold seats. Smart toilets often come with a feature of a heated seat.

Automatic Seats

Sick of being told to put the toilet seat down? We think the Japanese also have this complaint. Many smart shower toilets have an automatic seat feature that lifts as you approach the toilet, and close once you stand up and walk away or flush. This also mean you do not have to touch the toilet seat with your hands, reducing the spread of germs.

Auto Flush

No more forgetting to flush embarrassments. Auto flush features mean the smart toilet will flush its seal once the user has stood up or walked away from the toilet. This means there is no button to press or touch with your hands, reducing the spread of germs.


The Japanese Toilet wouldn’t be complete without an energy-saving aspect. When not in use, you can keep your smart toilet on standby to save some extra pennies and more importantly, help the environment.

Environmentally Better

Due to the way the smart shower toilet use water to clean and air to dry you, this means a reductions in the use of toilet paper. This reduction leads to less production of toilet paper, meaning less trees are cut down for production, and there is less strain on the sewage network meaning less energy and chemicals are used in the treatment of sewage.  

How to control and use a Smart Shower Toilet.

Japanese toilets come with an easy-to-use remote control. On the remote, you will find all of the toilet’s functionalities within an array of buttons. The buttons allow you to control all aspects of the Japanese toilet including, spray washing, air drying, temperature and seat heating. After a few minutes experimenting you’ll be a Japanese toilet pro in no time. Many also have the option for a smart phone app which allows the user to control setting and the toilet. Yes there really is an app for than.

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