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Introducing Aquadart Shower Enclosures & Wet Room Shower Screens

26 Nov 2020, 3:09 PM

Aquadart's range of shower enclosures, wetroom screens and shower trays combines premium design with high-quality materials. This results in a wide range of products that make it easy for you to get a new shower that's going to last. With a 100 year heritage, Aquadart is passionate about the high standards of their products, as well as their customer service and customer satisfaction.

Aquadart has a beautiful range of shower doors and wet room shower screens that meet the high demands of the modern home. Available in both 6mm and 8mm thick glass options, the Venturi 6 and Venturi 8 ranges offer a comprehensive range of shower enclosures to suit any space.

For those with a wet room shower, The Wetroom 8 and 10 ranges exude minimalism by blending quality and simplicity into a luxurious range of wet room shower screens and wet room supports that will set your bathroom apart from the rest. You can also choose from finishes such as polished silver, copper and matt black wetroom trims.

Aquadart Venturi Range

The Venturi 6 & 8 range from Aquadart offers a comprehensive collection of 8mm or 10mm thick shower enclosures in popular choices such as sliding shower doors and frameless shower enclosures to pivot doors and u-shaped shower enclosures. 

The Venturi 6 range by Aquadart offers a wide collection of shower enclosures by mixing high-quality materials with stylish designs. The Aquadart Venturi 6 range will provide a showering solution for every bathroom in your home.

The Venturi 8 range features modern and minimalist semi-frameless shower enclosures and doors. 

Aquadart Inline Shower Doors

If you're looking for a sleek and frameless look in your shower then the Inline range by Aquadart could be exactly what you're looking for. Effortlessly impressive, the inline range is designed to the highest specifications and attention to detail for a truly clean look.

The Aquadart Inline range features both hinged shower doors and sliding shower doors which can be installed in a recess, corner or even as a 3-sided enclosure.

View the Aquadart Inline range here

Aquadart Wet Room Shower Screens

Aquadart's Wetroom 8 and 10 shower screens come in either 8mm or 10mm thick options respectively, complete with a range of wall profiles and supports to suit any space.

For a truly tailored showering experience, Aquadart's range of wet room glass panels can be used in many configurations and come in a wide range of sizes.

View the Aquadart 8mm or 10mm wetroom glass range here





Aquadart Rolla 8 Shower Screens

The Rolla 8 range of shower screens by Aquadart can be used in wetrooms, walk-in showers and as a frameless sliding shower door. 

The Rolla 8 offers solutions to issues that many people face when planning or installing a bathroom or wetroom when a sliding shower door is needed in a non-standard space.

High-quality rollers, soft-stop buffers and transparent seals combine to create a truly versatile product that can be used in a wide range of applications and configurations.

View the Aquadart Rolla 8 range here

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