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Is Adiseal the Ultimate Adhesive & Sealant?

20 Aug 2020, 11:05 AM

Is Adiseal The Ultimate Adhesive & Sealant?

When it comes to choosing adhesives and sealants for your latest DIY projects or even your business, you're spoilt for choice. A quick look through the catalogue or shelves at your local builder's merchants reveals row upon row of sealants and adhesives, in a wide range of prices.

Reading the information written on a few of these will reveal a very strange pattern. Most will claim to have "the best mould resistance", "the best grab strength", or just claim to be the best all-round for the job they do. But if all of them are "the best" (in the eyes of the people that make and market them), how can you know if you're actually getting the best?

Adiseal Destroys the Competition in Independent Testing

This is where independent testing really is priceless in terms of its ability to cut through the marketing lingo, bright colours and slogans to deliver cold, hard data.

The most impressive independent test we have seen comes from a youtube channel by the name of Ultimate handyman. In their testing, Adiseal was head and shoulders above the competition in terms of cured strength, so much so that it destroyed the seals in their hydraulic test rig and started to rip out the screws holding the rig together. Despite the 3123psi exerted on Adiseal during the test, it did not move and held strong which is more than what can be said about the poor hydraulic ram that was made its victim.


Watch the full test video below.

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