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5 Moisture-Loving Plants to Brighten Your Bathroom

14 Feb 2020, 2:16 PM
Bathroom Plants

All plants need to survive and thrive is light and water, but what about the conditions of the air around them? Like humans, some plants prefer steamy and humid conditions more than others (curly hair people know where I'm coming from).

If you like the look of these humidity-loving plants, keeping them happy around the home can be a chore, because humidity can be difficult to create in a home. So before you end up owing British Gas or Npower a kidney because you have to run a humidifier all the time, put these jungle plants in a naturally humid room, your bathroom!

In the bathroom, the steam from your showering or bathing will keep those beautiful plants moist and happy AND theirs a sink in the room so watering them is a breeze.

1. Ferns

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Ferns are an elegant plant that comes in many different varieties and has been around for about 360 million years. Birdsnest ferns, Boston ferns or any of the many other types of fern all love high-humidity, low-light environments and would thrive in a bathroom that receives filtered or indirect sunlight. Just water them like any other plant and give the leaves a quick spritz with water every 3-4 days for a quick moisture boost if they need it.

2. Begonias

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Moisture-loving and in a wide variety of vibrant examples. Begonias are native to moist tropical climates so will love your steamy after-work showers more than you do.

Look for varieties like ‘Polka Dot,’ an angel wing begonia with deep green leaves and attractive white spots on its long, pointed leaves, or escargot begonias, a type of rex begonia with a swirling leaf shape and contrasting colour pattern. Your bathroom is a great place to keep your outdoor potted begonias in the winter, too.

3. Monstera Plants

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Monstera is a very distinct plant, with slits and perforations in their leaves, adding an interesting characteristic most other plants don't have. Sometimes referred to as the Swiss Cheese plant, these beauties thrive in moderate to bright indirect light areas with high humidity. If your bathroom doesn't get much light all is not lost, you'll just find that yours grows somewhat slower and may not have as many slits and leaf perforations as those in brighter locations.

4. Parlour Palm

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This sophisticated, tropical plant will love all the moisture you can throw at it and thrive in your bathroom. Parlour palms are one of the most light-versatile plants and would be just as at home in a low-light bathroom as it would room with a large amount of natural light. Another added plus from these plants is they are great at cleaning the air in the room.

5. Pothos

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Space in bathrooms tends to be limited in terms of horizontal surfaces, so look to the vertical. Anchoring a plant hook into a wall or ceiling gives you a great opportunity for plants that hang down such as Pothos or Devils Ivy. Place the anchor near east, north or south-facing windows and hang the plant in a nice-looking hanger to add greenery to the room without sacrificing any of your surface areas. These wall or ceiling-hung plant pots are perfect for small bathrooms and can adapt pretty well to lower-light conditions.

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