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Bath Rubber - Original Cramer

Bath Rubber - Original Cramer

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Original Cramer Bath Rubber

Cramer Bath rubber were the original developers and manufactuers of the bath rubber. You know the problem: paint marks, adhesive residue, metal abrasions and tough stains on bath and shower basins, ceramic sanitary fixtures, sinks, tiles and floors.

Often, normal cleaning products fail to remove these residues or cause damage and discolouration to the material.

Cramer Bath Rubber helps you to eliminate these problems. Cramer Bath Rubber’s composition enables you to thoroughly remove deposits without scratching enamel or ceramic surfaces

Removes tough stains, metal abrasions, scuffs and rust on enamel and ceramic surfaces without scratching.

ESSENTIAL Plumbers Tool!

Shipping: Can ship only within Mainland United Kingdom

Bath Rubber - Original Cramer

Bath Rubber - Original Cramer
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