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AquaStrap by Sealux

AquaStrap Up-Stand Shower and Bath Seal Used For Sealing a ShowerTray/Pan or Bath Tub. Ideal For New Shower Tray or Bath Installs. AquaStrap Remains Watertight Through Silicone Seal Leaks Caused By Joint Movement or Natural Deterioration.

AquaStrap by Sealux

AquaStrap by Sealux

AquaStrap is a leading up-stand seal used for sealing a shower tray/pan or bath tub. Aquastap is for those people installing a new shower tray or bath who prefer an exposed silicone joint to an extruded profile, Aqua Strap will remain watertight in the event of the silicone seal leaking through joint movement or natural deterioration.

AquaStrap Brochure

How to fit AquaStrap

The below video by Sealux show you how to install an Aqua Strap to a showtray when installing.

At Rubberduck Bathrooms we offer the Aquastrap for sale in a range of sizes including 2m Aqua Strap, 2.3m Aqua Strap, 2.8m Aqua Strap, 3.4m Aqua Strap and a 25m Aqua Strap roll which is perfect for plumbers and bathroom fitters.

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